December 1, 2017

App Privacy Policy

Updated: 27.03.2018

Centre for Research-Creation and Digital Media, Sunway University (CRCDM) fully respects the privacy of all users of CRCDM apps and understands the importance of protecting user’s personal data. CRCDM apps (Pangkor Boatbuilder, Folklore Story & ARVIZ) collect, process and use data in accordance with the law. Please read this privacy statement carefully.

What data is collected?
No personally identifiable information is accessed, collected or used by the app.

Use analysis:
The app collects anonymous information about the use of the app and provides the opportunity to collect and analyze this data for statistical purposes. The data collected includes, for example, the device model, frequency of app usage, feature events, date, time and interactions. This data is used to measure the performance of the app and to develop technological improvements that enhance the end user’s experience in the future.

How to reach us:
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at:

Centre for Research-Creation and Digital Media, Sunway University (CRCDM)
Telephone: +60374918622 – Ext. 7498