Visualisation Meets Assistive Tech: VR, AR, drones, and their potential for human communication

October 18-19, 2016 : Sunway University


Projects underway, including several Marie Curie Post-Doctoral projects in the area of Assistive Tech for People with Intellectual Disabilities-Autism, have applied novel uses of Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Future Forsighting Models and tools, and Drones in interdisciplinary research to enhance and extend the human potential of ALL people, regardless of intellectual, cognitive, physical or other abilities (and super-powers). This Panel Keynote presentation gave an overview of recent work in the areas of Augmented Cognition, Inclusive Design and Creative Technology Innovation conducted by SMARTlab and the Inclusive Design Research Centres of Ireland and Canada.

Keynote: Professor Lizbeth Goodman, Chair of Creative Technology Innovation, Founder/Director SMARTlab, Founder/Director the Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland, University College.