From BradPhys to BradViz: the move from archaeological to heritage sciences

October 18, 2016: Sunway University


Archaeology is a broad church and its role as a “two culture” discipline is frequently cited. This position at the interface of the arts and sciences remains central to archaeological activity but there have been significant changes in the structure of archaeology and its relationship to society overall. The growth of heritage science, in particular, is increasingly driving change and development within archaeology at a national and international level. This keynote discussd these developments in relation to the author’s own research trajectory and revealed the significance of such change.

Professor Vincent Gaffney is Anniversary Chair in Landscape Archaeology at the Department of Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bradford. Current and previous research projects include the analysis of the Mesolithic pit alignment at warren Field Crathes, mapping the inundated landscapes of the Southern North Sea, agent-based model of the battle of Manzikert (1071) in Anatolia and the “Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes” Project where he leads the UK team creating 3D and virtual imaging of the landscape from an extensive programme of geophysical survey of the largely unmapped landscape.