March 28, 2017


Information link for the ongoing projects will become available upon completion.

Atlas of Maritime Buddhism (Ongoing)

The Atlas of Maritime Buddhism Project (the Atlas) is an international collaborative research-creation project. Funding was provided by the Australian Research Council Linkage Project.

CRCDM members will contribute the Malaysian site data to the world-touring exhibition to tell the story of the spread of Buddhism through the seaports of Eurasia. The focal point of the exhibition is the AVIE (Advanced Interaction and Visualisation Environment) installation, which will integrate the archaeological data with stereoscopic panoramic 3D imagery of significant sites found along the maritime routes. and across time and space.

Chief Investigators:
Prof. Dennis Del Favero, University of New South Wales
Prof Michael Thielscher, University of New South Wales

Partner Investigators:
Prof. Sarah Kenderdine, EPFL, former lead chief investigator at UNSW before moving to Switzerland
Em/Prof. Lewis Lancaster, University of California, Berkeley
Prof. Jeffrey Shaw, City University of Hong Kong
Prof. Jianxiong Ge, Fudan University, China
Dr. Lynda Kelly, Australian National Maritime Museum
Mr. Li Zhenhua, Chronus Art Center

The Handbook Project (Ongoing)

The Handbook is a collaborative research-creation project between CRCDM and ACT at Concordia University Canada. This pilot project examines not only the themes of age and ageing, but also how people’s hands tell stories. It explores gender, ageing, work, craft, passion, and tactility that will be documented and archived. In collaboration with participants, the project uses an ethnographic approach and interviews based on the principle of the mutable text in order to create “multi-sensory” records of the participants’ everyday life experience and engagement with their creativity. The results will be presented through transmedia digital story telling such as: a set of podcasts, it can be transcribed and used in a publication, it can be set up as an installation or it can also be produced as an e-book or catalogue. This pilot project begins a series of international capture-create outputs to understand traditions in the context of the “new”. They will serve to build a library of “handbooks” from various cultures, craft and making traditions, and age-gender groups across the nations of the world, extending their communities via communication media.

Automatic Waste Management Network/Database (Ongoing)

This research aims at exploring the possibilities of technology involvement in household waste management facilities in existing high-rise residential buildings in Malaysia. This includes feasibility study for introducing specifically designed waste disposal/collection utilities operating as a network in which, all information related to disposed items are tracked, stored, and shared between resource management agencies and related authorities. Therefore, the proposed objective is to explore the possibility of employing information technology combined with available technologies in order to (1) create a nationwide online database where all information about household waste produced by HRRBs can be tracked/stored for statistical analysis, (2) provide more accurate approximation in municipal solid waste Management planning, (3) make recycling programs (especially automated separation at source) more feasible, and (4) improve the hygiene in waste disposal facilities in HRRBs in Malaysia.Previously a conceptual network was developed by the researchers i.e.“Automated Network for Knowledge Transfer between Resource Management Agencies: Real-Time Monitoring/Database for Household Waste Management in High-Rise Residential Buildings in Malaysia”. This research is the future work of the mentioned study selecting Sunway Group high-rise residential buildings as target of the study.

The Post Box Cinema (Ongoing)

Post Box Cinema is three-dimensional artwork combining sculptural and video elements to create a video sculpture that reflects the relationship of contemporary life to an idealized vision of nature. The sculpture uses an object from contemporary life, the letterbox, and contrasts it with an idealized video image of a mountain scene that is acting as the shadow if the object. The shadow form is used as a metaphor for the subconscious. As such it presents a vision of the world that is not normally articulated, but is still actively present in our decision making. The juxtaposition of the images is intended to create a relationship between the ideas of modern post-industrial society and 19th century Romanticism. Most specifically how our contemporary culture is still tied to ideas of a desire to return to nostalgic vison of a natural world that false and only possible for a very few at the top of the economic chain.

The Hainan Boatbuilder of Pangkor Island Documentary (Completed)

This ongoing, collaborative, transdiscipinary research-creation project was undertaken to digitally capture, archive and preserve the livelihood of the Hainan Boatbuilder of Pangkor Island, Perak, Malaysia thereby contributing to the cultural heritage of the country. The traditional process of building large wooden fishing boats comprises both intangible (tacit knowledge) and tangible (built) forms of heritage that could soon disappear due to contemporary issues.


PureLand: Inside the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang Design & Installation (Completed)

PureLand AR employs iPad screens that visitors use as mobile viewing windows to explore the magnificent Buddhist wall paintings inside Cave 220, a cave dated to early Tang from the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang in Gansu province, China. It is a pioneering augmented reality installation whereby the paintings and sculptures of the caves are rendered virtually within the architecture of a room which shares same dimensions to those of Cave 220 itself. It creates a space for the conjunction between real and virtual formations that gives transacted aesthetic expression to Dunhuang’s Buddhist art treasury of mural paintings and sculptures. The exhibition was running in the Gallery at Sunway University, for nearly 2 months (Sep-Oct 2016).